Let quickly discuss how to increase the domain authority. But firstly, let us look at what the domain authority is all about? And why it’s important for your blog and website to have high domain authority?

Suppose we have 2 websites and if we want to publish very similar pages at the same time in order to rank the same keyword or key phrase. In that case, the one site page will get easily index on the first search page of the Google while the other page will not be indexed are you thinking why? Is it because of linked building or some other issue? The answer to your entire question is just domain authority. The 1st domain has high domain authority, so the article published on it ranks better than the lower domain authority website.

Initially, Google doesn’t tell us how the authority of the domain was because people use that information in order to rank their keywords. So, Google stopped these things to avoid spamming and negative SEO But still, you can check the domain authority with the help of MOZ tool. This tool is created by Rand Fishkin and his colleague Gillian Muessig in 2004. This is a free tool that provides you all the information related to the sites like backlinks, spam score, and the most important MOZ score. This tool is very helpful for the ranking of any website or blog.

Browse this tool, then search the domain. You will find each website has a different Moz score and domain authority like this one:


The best way to increase the domain authority is to build lots of links from the domain of high domain authority. It’s not an easy task, for doing this you have to create a very high-quality content which you can easily promote the use of different social media platforms. People see the content and link to it because they think it’s great. It’s also important to add the credibility links in your article to boost the rankings.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways of accomplishing link building task. It can gather huge traffic for your website, along with the valuable relationship with the same niche along with some good links. Just keep in mind to post your content on the high-quality guest blogging sites and also keep in mind that they should be from different domains rather than from the same domain.

Internal linking of the website is also important. If you use WordPress, then your internal linking structure of your website is probably going to be good, but if you use costume platform then you have to check and make your website SEO friendly because interlinking is very mandatory for the website in order to rank well in the SERP.


Loading time is also an important factor for ranking. Check your website each and every page, if it is taking more time to load, then it can be a major problem for your website. Search engines know that those pages take a long time will frustrate visitors and that will be an issue for rankings. So, it’s important for you to take this issue seriously.

Lastly, we should focus on the social signals of your domain. Clearly, if your content will be viral then eventually it will go to help you domain authority score. The best way to do this is to search the trending topics related to your niche and then build a good quality content for your website then promote that to different social networks.